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There are many filing systems on the market today, and no one system is perfect for every application. This guide is designed to help you purchase the best filing system for your needs.

The drawings below show how eight different filing systems work in the file room of a typical office. The total filing inches and density per square foot are for this specific space and are intended to demonstrate the different systems available.

Depending on the size and configuration of your filing space, your file density ratios between the products could be different. Factoring this, with the additional considerations on the following page, will lead you to an informed, practical equipment decision. Your Account Representative can provide you
with detailed literature on these products as well as comparison drawings and pricing for your specific space.

Questions to consider

Before you buy, identify the factors most important to you:

  • Do you have plenty of space?
    The cost of the system might be your most important factor.
  • Is your space limited?
    You would probably want to consider a higher density system that stores more folders per square foot.


  • Do you need to store a variety of office items, require security, or want a more attractive look?
    A Rotary File system might be the answer.
  • Is your office moving sometime in the future?
    The cost associated with moving the system should be considered.

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