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Safety Ladder

  • high-tensile aluminum ladders are welded for strength
  • attractive visual appeal
  • spring-loaded casters allow each lightweight ladder to roll where pushed and stop when stepped on
  • non-slip treads provide traction
  • rubber bumpers protect other furnishings
  • 300 lb. load rated

Item no.ColorDescriptionWidthDepthHeightMSRPQty
DL-1020-19Beige2-Step21"19 3/4"22 3/4"732.00
DL-1030-19Beige3-Step21"26 3/4"31 3/4"877.00
DL-1041R-19Beige4-Step23 3/4"33 1/2"40 3/4"1,296.00

Kik-Step Stool

  • provides firm footing 14" off the floor
  • spring-loaded wheels allow the Kik-Step to roll easily, and then automatically retract when the Kik-Step is stepped on
  • non-slip step
  • vinyl treads and bumpers protect the finish
  • 500 lb. download rating

Item no.ColorDepthHeightMSRPQty
DL-1001-19Beige15 5/8"14"200.00
DL-1001-82Gray15 5/8"14"200.00
DL-1001-92Black15 5/8"14"200.00

Step Ladder

  • double-rail step ladder is OSHA-compliant with a 300-lb download rating
  • constructed of high-tensile aluminum
  • comes with vinyl bumpers on caster domes
  • slip-resistant, long wearing treads
  • weight-activated retractable casters
  • all-welded high tensile aluminum design

Item no.ColorDescriptionMSRPQty
DL-1043-19Beige4-Step, W/Handrails1,353.00

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