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What makes Tetra Support Systems (TSS) The World's Best Flat Screen Mounting Solution?

Multiple Monitor Mounting Capabilities

TSS channels enable you to mount up to four monitors on one standard post. Up to 12 on a 33" post.

  • Heavy-duty construction for military grade durability
  • Mount 1 to 12 monitors on one post for single-user or multi-user or multi-screen applications
  • Seven mounting options available to fit every application
  • Compatible with VESA 3" and 4" standards
  • Integrated cable management keeps cords and cables neatly arranged
  • All arms feature a ball joint for 90 degree tilt and swivel in all directions
  • Folding arms extend out to 17-3/4" and provide side-to-side and in-and-out fingertip adjustability

Choose from three different height Tetra Posts Design custom arrays for multiple monitors. Custom height posts are also available.

Star Handle Screws Provide the ability to adjust the height of your monitor quickly and easily.

Height Adjustable Mounting Capabilities TSS Arms may be independently positioned and easily repositioned at any height or distance for individual ergonomic comfort.

Multiple Monitor and Slatwall Mounting TSS Provides height adjustable positioning od monitors, workspace privacy and total off of the desk storage solutions.

Choose from 7 mounting options:

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