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Binder Carousels

  • Turn unused corner areas into space efficient filing
  • Use a fraction of space versus standard shelving
  • Each level rotates independently
  • Retrieve information quickly and easily
  • 31 1/2" and 36 1/2"diameter models
  • Sturdy tubular steel center frame with 5-leg stand
  • Optional casters make any unit mobile
  • Melamine-coated gray finish shelves
  • BestBuilt Binders sold separately

31 1/2" 4-tier Binder Carousel shown with optional worktop and caster set.

Store 144 binders in 61/2 feet of floor space with traditional shelving... or in just 21/2 feet with a 311/2" diameter Binder Carousel. A 36 1/2" diameter Carousel provides almost 9 linear feet per tier.

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31 1/2" Diameter Binder Carousels


  • Efficient use of smaller spaces
  • Desk model is perfect for workgroups that share info

Item no.DescriptionHPrice/eaQty
4484011-tier Desk Carousel17-1/4"485.00
4804022-tier Carousel33"756.00
4804033-tier Carousel47"969.00
4804044-tier Carousel61"1144.00
4804055-tier Carousel75"1363.00
488416Optional Worktopadds 1-1/4"189.00
441020Optional Castersadds 2"85.00
4884111-tier Add-onadds 14"306.00
311/2" Carousel Capacity per tier:
311/2" Carousel56Qty
11/2" binders40
11/2" BestBuilt52
2" binders28
2 1/4" BestBuilt36
3" binders24

36 1/2" Diameter Binder Carousels


  • Added capacity to store more files
  • Can be used for end tab files with optional organizer set

Item no.DescriptionHPrice/eaQty
4904022-tier Carousel33"876.60
4904033-tier Carousel47"1124.65
4904044-tier Carousel61"1326.00
4904055-tier Carousel75"1581.50
499416Optional Worktopadds 1-1/4"205.00
441020Optional Castersadds 2"85.00
4904111-tier Add-onadds 14"319.00
36 1/2" Carousel Capacity per tier:
1" binders64Qty
1 1/2" binders44
1 1/2" BestBuilt64
2" binders36
2 1/4" BestBuilt44
3" binders28

File Carousels


  • 36 1/2" diameter supports letter size end-tab files
  • Turn unused corner office areas into a space efficient filing system
  • Use a fraction of space versus standard shelving
  • Tiers rotate independently on smooth roller bearings
  • Strong steel base and support column
  • Eliminate time wasted walking back and forth searching for your files
  • Accessible from all sides
  • Holds up to 46 linear filing inches per tier
  • Includes organizer sets

Item no.DescriptionHPrice/eaQty
4938022-tier File Carousel33"990.00
4938033-tier File Carousel33"1,412.00
4938044-tier File Carousel47"1,827.45
4938055-tier File Carousel61"2,250.00
4938066-tier File Carousel75"2,615.00
4938077-tier File Carousel75"3,040.00
499416Optional Worktopadds 1/4"205.00
441020Optional Casters-72.00
Fully enclosed locking end tab file carousel cabinets are available.

Multi Media Carousels

Carousel Storage provides flexible filing of many types of media. A 361 /2" carousel can hold (per tier):

  • 81 /2 feet of binders
  • 46" of end tab or shelf files/folders
  • 216 standard or 408 slim CD cases
  • 144 DVDs
  • 72 VHS tapes
  • 46" of softbound catalogs or booklets
  • Combinations of all of the above

Item no.DescriptionHPrice/eaQty
4684004-tier Media Carousel (includes casters)62 1/4"1,424.00
4687007-tier Media Carousel76 1/4"2,024.00
488412Optional Worktopadds 1-1/4"150.00
488412Optional Castersadds 2"72.00

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