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Other benefits:

  • large touch pad for easy "hands-full" operation
  • no moving parts ensure maximum reliability
  • UL-listed
  • LED diagnostics simplify problem identification
  • programmable transponder technology eliminates the need for locks and keys
  • simplified user training minimizes start up costs
  • all functions and permissions can be updated through optional PC interface
  • system can be programmed to integrate with fire alarm, HVAC and lighting

Distance sensor. Advanced photo optic technology regulates carriage stopping and follow times. Users can change stopping distances to accommodate overhanging materials.

EDS sensor. Infra-red sensor detects body heat, as a user enters an aisle, to prohibit accidental carriage movement.

Motor current monitoring system (MCMS). The MCMS recognizes changes in current drawn by the motor and automatically halts carriage movement when it encounters increased resistance.

Safety sweep. Protects users and items left in aisles. If the beam of light emitted between the sensors is blocked, the carriage halts.

Transponder keys. Transponder technology allows users to program the system without special skills or the need for locks and keys. Color-coded keys communicate with the controller through radio frequency signals to initiate changes.

Motion detector. Motion detectors sense user movement in an aisle, thus preventing the opening of another aisle.

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