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Steel Shelving Accessories

Reference shelves, doors, drawers, and other accessories make your L&T shelving even more functional.

Hinged door. Transforms 36", 42" and 48" wide closed shelving units into dust-free and secure cabinets. HIPAA compliant.

Single unit sliding door. Available in 36", 42" or 48" widths, these sliding doors ensure security without requiring aisle space. HIPAA compliant.

Double unit sliding door. Available in two 36" door assemblies, these sliding doors ensure security without requiring aisle space. HIPAA compliant.

Fully partitionable drawer. Organize and store small items such as CDs, video tapes, disks, forms, documents, and many other materials.

Drawers. File letter and legal size hanging top tab folders, side-to-side or front-to-back, for maximum versatility.

Security drawer. Protect valuable personal property or sensitive records with a lockable drawer. Sturdy and durable, drawers are rated up to 200 lbs. each. HIPAA compliant.

Reference shelf. A convenient pullout workspace, when you need one.

Back. In addition to security, when assembled with doors, provides a finished look.

Card holder. A variety of shelf and end panel label options are available. Shown: 3" x 5" metal card holder which mounts to the end panel, describing the contents of each row.

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