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PortaFile™ Express Files

  • Keep all of your documents and media in ONE fully enclosed project file
  • 1.4mm thick polypropylene with VELCRO© fastener
  • Pocket on the oversized flap securely holds a CD
  • Label holders and finger rings on two sizes provide fast identification and retrieval from a drawer or bookshelf
  • Measure 115 /8"w x 101 /4"h x 13 /4"d

Model No.DescriptionQty/boxQty
NA820PortaFiles Express Files4

PortaFile™ Wallets

  • Silicone Rubber Gusset expands to 5"
  • 1.4mm thick polypropylene with VELCRO© fastener
  • Large Flap is scored to allow expansion and stays closed
  • Color-coded finger rings provide fast identification
  • Available in letter and legal sizes

Model No.DescriptionMSRPSizeQty
A5201PortaFile Wallet12.95Letter
A5501PortaFile Wallet15.95Legal

PortaFile™ Project Boxes


  • Made of thick 1.4 mm polypropelene
  • Scored front panels fold forward and lock into place allowing easy file access
  • Legal and Letter sizes
  • Includes 25 PocketFiles

Item no.DescriptionSizeQty/boxPrice/eaQty
NA1203 5/8"dProject Box letter454.95
NA1255 1/2"dProject Box letter459.95
NA1307 1/2"dProject Box letter465.95
NA1503 5/8"dProject Box legal464.95
NA1555 1/2"dProject Box legal465.95
NDEPC1PortaFile Carrierletter117.95
NDEPC2PortaFile Carrierlegal119.95
NAD56PLPortaFile Label Kit569.95
NA340PortaFile Ring Kit405.95

PortaFile™ Expanding Files

  • Expand up to 5 inches

Item no.DescriptionSizeQty/boxPrice/eaQty
NA420Expanding FileLetter438.50
NA420CFExpanding File w/clear frontLetter438.50
NA450Expanding FileLegal441.95
NA450CFExpanding File w/clear frontLegal441.95

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