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Standard Duty Flat Bench

  • comes with vinyl or laminate edge top
  • choose from a wide variety of Laminates and Vinyl for seats

48" Unit
Item no.DescriptionWeightMSRPQty
DL-SDFB48Complete Bench160 lb.1204.00
96" Unit
Item no.DescriptionWeightMSRPQty
DL-SDFB96Complete Bench229 lb.1,723.00

Contour Booths

  • Island Style
  • comes with vinyl or laminate edge top
  • Dur-A-EdgeŽ top available at an upcharge
  • choose from a wide variety of Laminates, Dur-A-EdgeŽ and Vinyl seats

42" 4-person Booth
Item no.DescriptionWeightMSRPQty
DL-CB42Complete Booth219 lb.904.00
*Add $118.00 for Dur-A-EdgeŽ top
47" 4-person Booth
Item no.DescriptionWeightMSRPQty
DL-CB47Complete Booth229 lb.959.00
*Add $118.00 for Dur-A-EdgeŽ top

Steel Frame Chairs with Composite Seat

  • all chairs have composite seats
  • seats available in three colors

Shell Stacking Chrome Frame
Item no.MSRPQty

Steel Frame Chairs with Vinyl Seats - Spectrum

  • vinyl seats available in 8 colors, see above for color options

Item no.MSRPQty

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