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A legal precedent

High-density Rotary File cabinets can be recessed into office walls for maximum space utilization and an attractive, streamlined appearance. Rotary Files accommodate up to four times the records in the same space of conventional files, while also providing secure, accessible storage for confidential records. Their fail-proof design and heavy-duty construction stands up to even the most demanding usage.

The right prescription

L&T Shelving, combined with a Lateral Track system, offers an ideal solution for any office that requires storage of files plus supplies and equipment. By mounting L&T Shelving onto a Lateral Track system, layers of easily accessed, immaculately organized files are created. Optional lockable doors and drawers facilitate safety and security while also ensuring HIPAA compliance.

Simply secure

Many filing areas require secure storage for confidential client files within a limited office environment. Compact and fullylockable, File Vault is a perfect solution. File Vault uses much less floor space than conventional systems while offering up to four times the storage potential. Installing quickly, right onto the existing flooring, File Vault is a smart and simple addition to almost any office.

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