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Keep records organized and accessible. Indexes and Fileback Dividers, factory-installed right into your folders, allow for fast and easy retrieval of information, saving time and resulting in a more accurate filing system.

Your exact preference for only pennies. When you tailor these tools to your exact specifications you increase their efficiency even further. Why settle for an off-the-shelf product that does only part of the job, when you can easily and affordably build a customized tool?

Put your imagination to work. Select a paper stock, grade and texture. Position tabs anywhere, at any length, with any message. You can even color code your indexes by choosing from a complete array of tab colors. Personalize by printing your logo, or other useful information, on the body of the index. Coat your index with ink, varnish or film laminate for extra gloss and durability. Extend the life of your indexes by reinforcing the holes on the binding edge. Regardless of how many features you choose, your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

Indexes and Fileback Dividers organize and group together items helping you to present a more professional look.

Build your best indexes and fileback dividers.
Create your custom indexes by selecting the features that would best organize and manage your files in the checklist. Then contact your account representative for expert advice and a custom quotation.

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