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Label Printing and Record Indexing

Label Printing and Record Indexing

Accurate indexing and labeling optimizes your control over records and enhances regulatory and governmental compliance

Effective Records Management begins with the indexing and labeling of file folder records for registration within your retention schedule. This technology allows you to efficiently print file folder labels and link record origination to an approved records classification system.

Labels can be printed by importing database records or via keyboard entry. Color-coding for visual file management, text for human-readable cross-referencing, and bar coding for unique identification and records management workflow, are all included.

The system also also has the capability to generate electronic forms for transactions such as hospital admissions, loan applications or proof-of-delivery and print specialty items like wristbands, ID cards and labels.

Labeling systems are available as a web-hosted entity with a monthly fee starting as low as $20.00. Or, they can be purchased as a PC-based program, installed directly on your computer.

Features and benefits include:
• eliminates the need to hand-write or apply individual labels
• allows printing of electronic forms and other items
• prints everything needed on a single, easy-to-read label
• manages critical record origination process
• prints color blocks, text descriptors and bar codes
• takes the first step in business process automation

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