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Carousel Cabinet Systems Pricing

Create an efficient corner system to store binders, magazine files, CDs and literature. Shown above is two 5-tier shelf cabinets, and a 5-tier corner cabinet with optional pull-out shelf and CD organizer.


Cabinets lock and include two keys.

Optional accessories add to your cabinets efficiency.

Easy assembly with included allen wrench.

Precision made quality materials for lasting durability.

Combine cabinets for optimal storage space.

Not all storage is the same. These cabinets can be combined and linked with each other so you can plan an efficient storage system.

2-tier Cabinets are the perfect height to create counters to be used as workspace or to store a printer or fax. Shown above is a 5-tier Corner Cabinet with optional Pull-out Shelf, and two 2-tier Shelf Cabinets.


Shown above is a 2-tier High-Capacity Corner Cabinet under a 3-tier Corner Cabinet.


Shown above are two 2-tier Shelf Cabinets, a 5-tier Corner Cabinet, and a 5-Tier Carousel Cabinet.


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High-Capacity Corner Cabinet


  • Independently rotating tiers
  • Wide opening for easy access to contents
  • High-Capacity binder filing

Item no.DescriptionPriceQty
5844022-tier High-capacity Corner1,949.25

Double-Sided Cabinet


  • Independently rotating tiers
  • Convenient access from two sides
  • Use to divide office space

Item no.DescriptionPriceQty
5864022-tier Double-sided Cabinet1,595.00

Corner Cabinet


  • Independently rotating tiers
  • Free space & open up unused corner
  • Create a corner system by adding Shelf Cabinets

Item no.DescriptionPriceQty
5824022-tier Corner Cabinet1,694.00

Shelf Cabinet


  • Ideal for creating counters
  • Linking element when building corner systems
  • Great for storing magazine or file boxes

Item no.DescriptionPriceQty
5894022-tier Shelf Cabinet995.00

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