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True Innovation

Carousel Cabinet Systems offer true design innovation. Specially shaped modular cabinets enable you to layout and divide space with both form and function.


The Form

Using a combination of revolving carousel, corner, and shelf cabinets, Carousel Cabinet Systems provide you with design alternatives, space savings and dramatic increases in file capacity.


The Function

Tambour doors retract into the sides of the cabinets to provide you with full visual access to your files. Independently rotating carousel tiers mean that your files come to you rather than you having to go to your files.


The Results

A front office high-capacity filing and storage system that saves space, time and money.


Small Offices

Ideal for small offices that have large filing and storage requirements, Carousel Cabinet Systems provide high-capacity filing that is totally accessible from your desk utilizing very little floor space.


Reception Stations

Create attractive functional reception areas that provide high-capacity storage and filing capabilities.


Aisle or Corner Space

Turn unused corner or aisle space into productive and efficient filing space. Tambour doors retract into the sides of the cabinet.


Centralized Filing

Combine shelf cabinets, corner carousel cabinets and double-sided cabinets to create a high-density, centralized file system that divides space while providing shared user access on the other side of the system.


Defining Work Space

Cabinet Systems divide work areas while providing high density filing and storage at the very same time.


Multi-User Access

Position cabinets back to back and side by side around protruding corners to provide multi-user access to high-capacity filing.


Space Saving

Compared to traditional shelving, Cabinet Systems fully extendable pull-out shelves and independently revolving carousel tiers save floor and wall space while maximizing your storage capacity.


Modular Design

Cabinets can be stacked top to bottom and linked side to side in any combination.


Shown to the right is a 2-tier High-Capacity Corner Cabinet under a 3-tier Corner Cabinet



All cabinets lock to comply with HIPAA standards to keep contents secure.


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