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The Rotary File


  • Filing shelves are one piece with integral back stop.
  • Shelves are slotted 1" O.C., to accept Universal File Dividers.
  • Full depth pass-through Shelf for oversized media available.
  • Shelves and accessories canbe adjusted vertically 1/2" O.C.


  • Security Drawer is equipped with key lock.
  • Suspension File Drawer is full height to store files left to right.
  • Multimedia Drawer is shown here at the bottom position of the unit. Accommodates end tab folders or hanging folders with hanger bar included.
  • 3" high Drawer (not shown) is slotted 1/2" O.C. to accept front-to-back dividers.

Vinyl trim

  • The soft, pliable vinyl trim conceals the gap between door and post while providing hand and jewelry protection when rotating the inner cabinet.

Base mechanism

  • Designed to allow easy relocation of units without disassembly and to increase/decrease ranges of Rotary Files quickly and economically.
  • Bearing Raceway Assembly is factory lubricated for life.

Top assembly

  • 1" diameter steel pin, welded to the center of the Rotor Top, rides in a steel bushing in the Canopy Top and serves as the pivot and contact point. No lubrication is required for the life of the unit.

Universal file divider

  • The same Universal File Divider may be used in Letter as well as Legal size units.


  • Top quality Accuride® suspensions are used for all roll-out accessories.
  • All accessories, except the Posting Shelf, are secured with an easy operating thumb latch. A built-in friction pad secures the Posting Shelf.


  • Universal lock design provides independent locking from either side for full security in either the open or closed positions.

Other benefits and features

  • All exposed surfaces are sanded smooth prior to application of the powder based epoxy paint in a smudge resistant matte finish.
  • ADA-friendly design minimizes safety hazard of aisle obstructions because the Rotary File cabinet maintains a fully flush front, back and sides.

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